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French Lutherans are brought to trial and French Bible translation burnt 1525 T Note
Heretics persecuted in Paris 1534 T Note
Francis I orders the persecution of French Protestants 1538 T Note
Francis I issues the Edict of Fontainebleau 1540 T Note
Stephen Dolet is burnt as a heretic in France 1546 T Note
Protestant 'Fourteen of Meaux' are executed for heresy 1546 T Note
La Chambre Ardente is created in Paris for heretic trials 1547 T Note
Inquisitors-General in France are appointed 1557 T Note
Catherine de' Medici and the Duke of Alva plan eradication of Protestantism 1565 - 1565 T Note
Henry III denounces the 1576 Edict of Beaulieu 1577 T Note
French Protestants hold an Assembly at Chatelherault 1605 T Note
Huguenots decide on war 1620 T Note
Large-scale emigration of Huguenots from France begins 1681 T Note
The Great Elector offers refuge to French Huguenots 1684 T Note
Jewish families are expelled from Bordeaux 1684 T Note
Dispute between Louis XIV and Pope 1687 T Note
Attack on French Jesuits by Vicomte de Martignac 1828 T Note
Communist riots in Paris are defeated 1849 T Note
Repressive measures in France, including censorship of press 1852 T Note
French amnesty for political offenders 1859 T Note

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