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Failure of Walcheren expedition 1809 T Note
Britain establishes protectorate over Ionian Islands 1815 T Note
Britain takes Baji Rao and Peshwa of Poona's dominions 1818 T Note
British government takes over Sierra Leone, Gambia and Gold Coast 1821 T Note
First Anglo-Burmese War 1824 - 1826 T Note
British take Rangoon 1824 T Note
South Australia Act (South Australian Colonisation Act, Foundation Act) 1834 - 1842 T
Temporary provision made by British government for Lower Canada 1838 T Note
Lord Durham becomes Governor-in-Chief of British North America 1838 T Note
Durham Report on North America is debated in House of Lords 1839 T Note
Jamaican Constitution is suspended after riots 1839 T Note
Upper and Lower Canada are united 1840 T Note
The Straits Convention 1841 T Note
Britain takes control of the Boer Republic of Natal 1843 T Note
Basutoland becomes a native state under British protection 1843 T Note
France, Britain, US and Belgium given equal trading rights by China 1845 T Note
Further Maori risings in New Zealand 1845 T Note
US Senate resolves to end British joint occupation of Oregon 1846 T Note
British Possessions Act gives Canada the right to fix tariffs 1846 T Note
British Indian Army subdues Sikhs in the Punjab 1848 - 1849 T Note

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