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The Danes conquer Northumbria 867 T
Viking “Great Army” creates kingdom of York 874 T Note
Norwegians settle in Scotland and North-West England 900 T
Arab merchants settle on the East African coast 900 T Note
Northumbria under Viking control 940 T Note
Persian Buwayhids capture Baghdad 945 T Note
London besieged by Viking forces 994 T Note
Guyenne claimed by Philip VI of France 1337 T Note
Henry VII commissions the Cabots to discover new lands 1496 T Note
New royal charter for the English Merchants Adventurers Company 1564 T Note
John Hawkins sets off on a second voyage to the New World 1564 T Note
John Hawkins and Francis Drake are trapped by Spanish ships in the West Indies 1568 T Note
Sir Humphrey Gilbert's expedition to the West Indies fails 1579 T Note
First English colony attempt in Newfoundland fails 1583 T Note
Raleigh colonizes Virginia 1584 T Note
Roanoke Colony founded 1585 - 1590 T Note
Sir Francis Drake leaves for the West Indies as a privateer 1585 T Note
The English plantation of Munster is attempted 1586 T Note
Second colony established by English settlers off the coast of the US 1587 T Note
The English Council undertake an enquiry into the plantation of Ulster 1589 T Note

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