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'Act of Satisfaction' for distribution of forfeited lands in Ireland 1653 T Note
120 colonists set off to Virginia under Captain Christopher Newport 1606 T Note
A new charter is granted to the old East India Company 1693 T Note
An English party of colonists settles at Salem, Massachusetts 1628 T Note
An English trading post is founded in Bengal 1633 T Note
Barbados is claimed as an English colony 1605 T Note
British annexe New Netherlands from Connecticut to Delaware 1664 T Note
British military expedition takes St Eustatius from the Dutch 1665 T Note
Charles I grants Lord Carlisle the settlement of the Caribbean Islands 1627 T Note
Charles II grants a charter to the Royal African Company 1663 T Note
Council for Foreign Plantations first meets 1661 T Note
Delaware becomes a separate colony from Pennsylvania 1703 T Note
Drake, Hawkins and Frobisher return from an indecisive Spanish expedition 1590 T Note
Dutch and English define their North American colony frontiers 1650 T Note
Dutch massacre English colonists at Amboyna 1623 T Note
English adventurers acquire the Isle of Nevis 1628 T Note
English colonists destroy the French settlement at Port Royal, Nova Scotia 1613 T Note
English found colony of Maine 1607 T Note
English occupy Bahamas 1646 T Note
English privateers take Tobago 1666 T Note

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