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The French take Montserrat from the English 1667 T Note
The French Senegal company is founded 1671 T Note
The French occupy Pondicherry and Coromandel Coast in India 1672 T Note
French Guinea is organised 1674 T Note
Natives expel the French from Madagascar 1674 T Note
French organises colonial empire from Quebec to the Mississippi 1680 T Note
A French factory is founded in Siam 1680 T Note
The French build Fort Niagara against the British 1687 T Note
French Huguenots settle at the Cape of Good Hope 1687 T Note
Revolution in Siam against French influence 1688 T Note
Louis XIV appoints de Frontenac Governor of Canada 1689 T Note
The French attempt to establish a colonial empire in West Africa 1697 T Note
The French enter the Bay of Rio de Janiero 1711 T Note
Crozat obtains a monopoly of the Illinois trade 1712 T Note
Governor of New York tries to protect British colonies against French 1720 T Note
The French occupy Mauritius and call it Ile de France 1721 T Note
Emperor Charles VI agrees to suspend the Austrian East India Company 1727 - 1727 T Note
The French fortify Crown Point on Lake Champlain 1731 T Note
French take Annapolis, Nova Scotia, but withdraw 1744 T Note
French fleet under Labourdonnais arrives at Pondicherry 1746 T Note

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