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Goschen and Joubert visit Egypt to establish dual control 1876 T Note
Rivalry between France and Italy in Tunis 1880 T Note
France annexes Tahiti 1880 T Note
France and Belgium vie for domination in Congo 1880 T Note
Franco-British dual control of Egypt established 1882 T Note
French troops begin conquest of the Upper Niger 1883 T Note
De Brazza is appointed commissioner-general of French Congo 1886 T Note
France creates 'Union Indo-Chinoise' 1887 T Note
French colony of Gabon united with French Congo 1888 T Note
France establishes protectorate over Ivory Coast 1889 T Note
French War against King Dahomey in West Africa 1892 T Note
Siam cedes territory to France; Laos is recognised as a French Protectorate 1893 T Note
French colonies of French Guinea and Ivory Coast formally established 1893 T Note
France sends troops to halt Belgian advance in the Congo 1893 T Note
Dahomey becomes a French protectorate 1893 T Note
France and Germany agree boundaries of French Congo and Cameroon 1894 T Note
Leopold II of Belgium abandons claims to Upper Nile territory 1894 T Note
French troops begin conquest of Madagascar 1894 T Note
Britain warns against French occupation of Upper Nile 1895 T Note
Leopold II of Belgium agrees to co-operate with French on Upper Nile 1895 T Note

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