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First English colony attempt in Newfoundland fails 1583 T Note
English colonists destroy the French settlement at Port Royal, Nova Scotia 1613 T Note
The Scots settle at Acadia in Nova Scotia 1621 T Note
Richelieu founds the French companies for Canada and Senegal 1628 T Note
The Scottish settlement at Acadia (Nova Scotia) fails 1632 T Note
Hudson's Bay Company 1670 - 1699 T
Fort Frontenac is founded in Canada 1673 T Note
The French build Fort Niagara against the British 1687 T Note
Louis XIV appoints de Frontenac Governor of Canada 1689 T Note
French take Annapolis, Nova Scotia, but withdraw 1744 T Note
Duquesne, French Governor of Canada, seizes the Ohio Valley 1753 T Note
Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War 1763 T Note
British colonial governments for Quebec, Florida and Grenada 1763 T Note
Temporary provision made by British government for Lower Canada 1838 T Note
Lord Durham becomes Governor-in-Chief of British North America 1838 T Note
Upper and Lower Canada are united 1840 T Note
British Possessions Act gives Canada the right to fix tariffs 1846 T Note
British Columbia organised as a colony 1858 T Note
British Columbia joins Dominion of Canada 1871 T Note
Prince Edward Island joins the Dominion of Canada 1873 T Note

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