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North and South Carolina become Crown colonies 1729 T Note
The French fortify Crown Point on Lake Champlain 1731 T Note
Georgia becomes Crown province upon surrender of Charter by Trustees 1752 T Note
Duquesne, French Governor of Canada, seizes the Ohio Valley 1753 T Note
Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War 1763 T Note
British colonial governments for Quebec, Florida and Grenada 1763 T Note
Patrick Henry delivers radical speech in 'the parson's cause' 1763 T Note
Henry challenges Britain's right to tax colonies 1765 T Note
British customs schooner Gaspee burned by American Colonists 1772 T Note
American colonies enforce non-importation of British goods 1774 T Note
Flag of united American colonies created 1776 T Note
United Colonies are proposed to be independent states 1776 T Note
U.S. declare themselves economic and customs union 1789 T Note
Republic of Mexico incorporates California 1822 T Note
American colony in Texas established by Stephen F. Austin 1822 T Note
Monroe Doctrine 1823 T Note
Creek lands taken by settlers in Georgia 1825 T Note
Indian Removal Act 1830 T Note
Sauk Chief Keokuk resigns tribal claims to land east of the Mississippi 1832 T Note
Colonists arrive in Oregon 1841 T Note

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