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'British' Bechuanaland is annexed to Cape Colony 1895 T Note
Alfred Milner becomes high commissioner for South Africa 1897 T Note
Basutoland becomes a native state under British protection 1843 T Note
Basutoland comes under the control of the Cape Colony 1871 T Note
Britain annexes Pondoland 1894 T Note
Britain annexes St. Lucia Bay to Natal 1884 T Note
Britain annexes the Transvaal 1877 T Note
Britain annexes Zululand 1887 T Note
Britain takes control of the Boer Republic of Natal 1843 T Note
British High Commissioner in South Africa delivers ultimatum to Zulus 1878 T Note
British occupy Cape of Good Hope 1795 T Note
British protectorate in Ashanti (Ghana) proclaimed 1896 T Note
British South Africa Company established 1889 - 1923 T Note
British South Africa Company founds Salisbury in Mashonaland 1890 T Note
Cape Colony forbids landing of convicts 1849 T Note
Cape Colony granted self-government 1872 T Note
Cape railway reaches Bulawayo in Southern Rhodesia 1897 T Note
Cecil Rhodes becomes premier of Cape Colony 1890 T Note
Cecil Rhodes begins colonising Rhodesia 1889 T Note
Cecil Rhodes censured by a Parliamentary report into the Jameson Raid 1897 T Note

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