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British occupy Cape of Good Hope 1795 T Note
Britain takes control of the Boer Republic of Natal 1843 T Note
Basutoland becomes a native state under British protection 1843 T Note
Natal is combined with Cape Colony for administrative purposes 1844 T Note
Harry Smith annexes country between Orange and Vaal rivers 1848 T Note
Cape Colony forbids landing of convicts 1849 T Note
The independent British Colony of Kaffraria is incorporated with Cape Colony 1865 T Note
Sotho kingdom requests British annexation 1868 T Note
Diamonds discovered in Orange Free State 1870 T Note
Basutoland comes under the control of the Cape Colony 1871 T Note
Kimberley diamond region annexed by Britain 1871 T Note
Cape Colony granted self-government 1872 T Note
George Berkeley, governor of Cape Colony, annexes Griqualand West 1872 T Note
Lord Carnarvon discusses South African federation 1875 T Note
Confederation of British and Boer States in South Africa 1877 T Note
Britain annexes the Transvaal 1877 T Note
British High Commissioner in South Africa delivers ultimatum to Zulus 1878 T Note
Transvaal declares itself independent of Britain 1880 T Note
London convention regulates the status of Transvaal 1884 T Note
Britain annexes St. Lucia Bay to Natal 1884 T Note

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