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Christopher Columbus discovers what will later be called “America” 1492 T
Columbus's expedition departs Palos, Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus' voyage of discovery financed by Ferdinand of Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus reaches the Bahamas 1492 T Note
Pope Alexander VI divides New World between Spain and Portugal 1493 T Note
Pope Alexander VI's second bull dividing New World between Spain and Portugal 1493 T Note
Columbus's third voyage 1498 T Note
Pedro Alvares Cabral travels to Brazil and then to India 1500 T Note
Florida claimed for Spain by Juan Ponce de Leon 1513 T Note
Montezuma II surrenders to Hernan Cortes without a fight 1519 T Note
Hernando Cortes leads an expedition to Mexico 1519 T Note
Hernan Cortez is forced from the Aztec capital by Cuauhtemoc 1520 T Note
Aztec capital captured by the Spanish and their allies 1521 T Note
Spain attempts unsuccessfully to colonise Florida 1521 T Note
Pizarro executes the Inca of Peru and occupies Cuzco 1533 T Note
Cortes attempts to found a colony in Lower California 1533 T Note
Spanish colonisation of La Plata 1533 T Note
Spanish conquest of Yucatan 1533 T Note
Thomé de Souza founds Sao Salvador 1549 T Note
First permanent European colony in the US established by the Spanish 1556 T Note

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