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120 colonists set off to Virginia under Captain Christopher Newport 1606 T Note
A Charter is granted to Rhode Island 1663 T Note
A Scottish colony is established in the Darien Isthmus 1698 T Note
Admiral Vernon captures Porto Bello 1739 T Note
American colonies enforce non-importation of British goods 1774 T Note
American colony in Texas established by Stephen F. Austin 1822 T Note
An English party of colonists settles at Salem, Massachusetts 1628 T Note
Anglo-French discussions on colonial boundaries in North America 1754 T Note
Annexation of Hawaii 1898 T Note
Annexation of Texas: Mexico breaks relations with USA 1845 T Note
Archduke Maximilian of Austria accepts title of Emperor of Mexico 1864 T Note
Arizona organised as US territory 1863 T Note
Aztec capital captured by the Spanish and their allies 1521 T Note
Barbados is claimed as an English colony 1605 T Note
Britain captures new colonies in the Caribbean 1762 T Note
Britain takes Seychelles, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guadaloupe 1794 T Note
British annexe New Netherlands from Connecticut to Delaware 1664 T Note
British colonial governments for Quebec, Florida and Grenada 1763 T Note
British Columbia joins Dominion of Canada 1871 T Note
British Columbia organised as a colony 1858 T Note

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