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Columbus' voyage of discovery financed by Ferdinand of Spain 1492 T Note
Columbus reaches the Bahamas 1492 T Note
Columbus's third voyage 1498 T Note
John Hawkins and Francis Drake are trapped by Spanish ships in the West Indies 1568 T Note
Sir Humphrey Gilbert's expedition to the West Indies fails 1579 T Note
Barbados is claimed as an English colony 1605 T Note
First English Settlement in the West Indies 1624 T Note
French occupy the Antilles and Cayenne 1625 T Note
Charles I grants Lord Carlisle the settlement of the Caribbean Islands 1627 T Note
English adventurers acquire the Isle of Nevis 1628 T Note
Tortuga, off Hispaniola, is settled by pirates 1630 T Note
English settlement of the Leeward Islands is begun from St. Kitts 1631 T Note
English settlements are made in Antigua and Montserrat 1632 T Note
The Dutch capture the Island of Curaçao 1634 T Note
The French occupy Martinique and Guadeloupe 1635 T Note
English occupy Bahamas 1646 T Note
English land in Jamaica 1655 - 1655 T Note
British military expedition takes St Eustatius from the Dutch 1665 T Note
English privateers take Tobago 1666 T Note
The French take Montserrat from the English 1667 T Note

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