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"Morley-Minto" Reforms 1909 T Note
A chartered imperial company for East Indies trade is proposed 1720 T Note
Administrative reorganisation of Bengal 1700 T Note
An English trading post is founded in Bengal 1633 T Note
Battle of Chillianwala 1849 T Note
Bombay passes to the control of the English East India Company 1668 T Note
Britain annexes Oudh 1856 T Note
Britain takes Baji Rao and Peshwa of Poona's dominions 1818 T Note
British conquest of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1756 - 1764 T Note
British East India and New East India Companies are merged 1708 T Note
British take Masulipatam 1759 T Note
Clive arrives in Madras 1744 T Note
Cornwallis appointed Governor-General of India 1786 T Note
Dupleix secures French control of the Carnatic region 1749 T Note
Dutch take Pondicherry after siege 1693 T Note
East India Company voyages reach Java and Agra 1604 T Note
Emperor Charles VI grants a charter to an Austrian East India Company 1722 T Note
English found Calcutta 1690 T Note
Eyre Coote becomes British Commander in Madras 1759 T Note
First skirmishes between English and Dutch settlers in India 1610 T Note

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