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Declaration of Independence of the United States. War of Independence 1776-1783 begins 1776 T Note
Lord Byron dies in the fight for Greek independence 1824 T Note
Britain and France recognise independence of Hawaii 1843 T Note
Britain grants self-government to Tasmania and New Zealand 1856 T Note
Britain and France recognise independence of Zanzibar 1862 T Note
Home Rule Movement 1870 - 1920 T
Transvaal declares itself independent of Britain 1880 T Note
Britain recognises International Association of the Congo 1884 T Note
First Irish Home Rule bill 1886 T Note
Gladstone's Liberal government is defeated over the Irish Home Rule bill 1886 T Note
Britain agrees to evacuate Egypt in three years 1887 T Note
Second Irish Home Rule Bill 1893 T Note
Australian independence 1901 T Note
Third Irish Home Rule Bill 1914 T Note
Afghani independence granted 1919 T Note
All-India Campaign for Self-Rule launched 1920 T Note
Irish Free State established 1921 T
Egyptian independence 1922 T Note
Muslim Indians apply Pressure for an independent and separate state of Pakistan 1939 T Note
Burma and Ceylon gain independence 1948 T Note

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