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'The Main Plot' to replace James I with Arabella Stuart is discovered 1603 T Note
Admiral Byng is shot for neglect of duty 1757 T Note
Algernon Sydney is executed for plotting against Charles II 1683 T Note
Alleged paramours of Anne Boleyn are tried for treason 1536 T Note
Alleged paramours of Queen Katherine Howard are executed 1541 T Note
An Arian is burnt for heresy at Smithfield 1612 T Note
Anne Boleyn is beheaded 1536 T Note
Anthony Babington and his fellow conspirators are executed 1586 T Note
Archbishop Sharp of St. Andrews is killed by Covenanters 1679 T Note
Assassination of Oliver Cromwell advocated 1657 - 1657 T Note
Assassination plot on the President of the Council of the North is discovered 1541 T Note
Babington and his fellow conspirators stand trial 1586 T Note
Cardinal Beaton is assassinated by pro-English party 1546 T Note
Carthusian monks are executed at Tyburn 1535 T Note
Carthusian monks are found guilty of treason 1535 T Note
Darnley is murdered on the orders of Earl of Bothwell 1567 T Note
Dr William Parry MP executed for alleged high treason 1585 T Note
Duke of Buckingham is executed for treason 1521 T Note
Duke of Norfolk is tried for treason 1572 T Note
Earl and Countess of Somerset found guilty of poisoning Overbury 1616 T Note

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