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Cardinal Beaton is assassinated by pro-English party 1546 T Note
Earl of Surrey is executed for treason 1547 T Note
The Protector's brother is executed for treason 1549 T Note
Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, is beheaded for treason 1552 T Note
The Duke of Northumberland is executed 1553 T Note
Lady Jane Grey is executed 1554 T Note
Lady Jane Grey's father is executed 1554 T Note
Wyatt is tried and executed 1554 T Note
Thomas Cranmer is deposed and executed 1556 T Note
Mary Queen of Scots' secretary is murdered on Darnley's orders 1566 T Note
Darnley is murdered on the orders of Earl of Bothwell 1567 T Note
Irish rebel Shane O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, is assassinated 1567 T Note
Duke of Norfolk is tried for treason 1572 T Note
The Earl of Northumberland is executed at York for treason 1572 T Note
Seminary priest Cuthbert Maine is executed for treason 1577 T Note
The Earl of Morton is executed for complicity in Darnley's murder 1581 T Note
Edmund Campion is seized 1581 T Note
Edmund Campion is executed 1581 T Note
The Somerville Plot to assassinate Elizabeth I is discovered 1583 T Note
John Somerville, who had plotted to assassinate Elizabeth I, is executed 1583 T Note

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