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Lord Chamberlain Stanley tried for complicity with Perkin Warbeck 1495 T Note
Sir William Stanley is executed 1495 T Note
Perkin Warbeck is tried for treason 1499 T Note
Edward, Earl of Warwick, is executed for treason 1499 T Note
Perkin Warbeck executed 1499 T Note
Henry VII denounces Edmund, Earl of Suffolk as a traitor 1501 T Note
Edmund Dudley is found guilty of treason 1509 T Note
Edmund de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, is executed 1513 T Note
Duke of Buckingham is executed for treason 1521 T Note
Elizabeth Barton is executed for treason 1534 T Note
Carthusian monks are found guilty of treason 1535 T Note
Carthusian monks are executed at Tyburn 1535 T Note
Anne Boleyn is beheaded 1536 T Note
Alleged paramours of Anne Boleyn are tried for treason 1536 T Note
Rebel leader Robert Aske is sentenced to death 1537 T Note
Leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace are executed 1537 T Note
The Abbots of Reading and Colchester are executed for treason 1539 T Note
Thomas Cromwell is arrested for treason 1540 T Note
Assassination plot on the President of the Council of the North is discovered 1541 T Note
Leonard Lord Grey is executed for treason 1541 T Note

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