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Assassination attempt on Louis PhiIippe 1835 T Note
Assassination of Henry IV of France 1610 T Note
Attempted assassination of Aristide Briand 1911 T Note
Conspiracy in France is discovered by Richelieu 1642 T Note
Day of Dupes: Cardinal Richelieu overthrows a conspiracy against him 1630 T Note
Duc d'Enghien executed 1804 T Note
Duc de Berry is assassinated 1820 T Note
Execution of Hébertistes 1794 T Note
Execution of Louis XVI 1793 T Note
Francis, Duke of Guise, is assassinated 1563 T Note
French President Sadi-Carnot is assassinated by an Italian anarchist 1894 T Note
Henry Duke of Guise and Louis Cardinal of Guise are assassinated 1588 T Note
Henry III arranges the assassination of Henry, Duke of Guise 1588 T Note
Henry III is assassinated by Jacques Clement, a fanatical monk 1589 T Note
Jean-Jaurés murdered in Paris 1914 T Note
Jesuit Henry Garnett executed for complicity in the Gunpowder Plot 1606 T Note
Jesuit Jean Châtel attempts to assassinate Henry IV 1594 T Note
La Salle is murdered by his colleagues 1687 T Note
Marat is murdered 1793 T Note
Michel Ney is shot 1815 T Note

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