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Assassination of Abraham Lincoln 1865 T Note
Assassination of Fick, the 'Eire Ring' speculator, in New York 1872 T Note
Indian police kill Sitting Bull in South Dakota 1890 T Note
President William McKinley shot by anarchist Leon Czolgosz 1901 T Note
Theodore Roosevelt shot in a Milwaukee hotel during a campaign tour 1912 T Note
Execution of Edith Cavell in Brussels 1915 T Note
Trial and Execution of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti 1920 - 1927 T Note
Execution of Sacco and Vanzetti 1927 T Note
Huey Long assassinated 1935 T Note
Shooting in the House of Representatives 1954 T Note
Medgar Evers assassinated 1963 T Note
Assassination of South Vietnamese leader 1963 T Note
Malcolm X assassinated 1965 T Note
Assassination of Martin Luther King 1968 T Note
Robert Kennedy shot and killed 1968 T Note
George Wallace shot 1972 T Note
Democratic presidential candidate George Wallace is shot in Laurel, Md 1972 T Note
Execution of Gary Gilmore 1977 T Note
John Lennon murdered 1980 T Note
President Reagan shot 1981 T Note

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