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Arabella Stuart escapes from the Tower of London to Ostend 1611 T Note
Arabella Stuart is imprisoned for marrying another claimant to the throne 1610 T Note
Bacon is impeached, fined and imprisoned; later pardoned 1621 T Note
Bishop Latimer is sent to the Tower of London 1553 T Note
Charles I sends Buckingham's impeachers to the Tower of London 1626 T Note
Charles I sends John Selden to the Tower of London 1629 T Note
Edmund, Earl of Suffolk, is returned to the Tower of London 1506 T Note
Edward Courtenay is sent to the Tower for complicity in Wyatt's rebellion 1554 T Note
Englishmen imprisoned for refusing to pay the forced loan are released 1628 T Note
Fall of Protector Somerset 1549 T Note
James I imprisons Sir Edward Coke for his share in the Protestation 1621 T Note
James I places John Pym, the Parliamentary leader, under house arrest 1622 T Note
James II attempts to escape but is brought back to London 1688 T Note
John Aislabie, Chancellor of the Exchequer, is sent to the Tower 1721 T Note
Lady Arabella Stuart dies in the Tower of London 1615 T Note
Lady Jane Grey and Protestant advisors are tried for treason 1553 T Note
Lord Lisle is arrested for betraying Calais to Cardinal Pole 1540 T Note
Lords Shaftesbury, Buckingham, Salisbury and Wharton are imprisoned 1677 T Note
Margaret Countess of Salisbury is executed for conspiracy 1541 T Note
Marlborough is sent to the Tower of London 1692 T Note

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