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Porteous Riots in Edinburgh 1736 T Note
Protestants riot in Dublin against union with Britain 1759 T Note
Whiteboys societies founded in Ireland 1761 T Note
Westminster riots in favour of Wilkes 1768 T Note
Gordon Riots 1780 - 1780 T
The Spithead Naval mutiny 1797 - 1797 T
Nore Naval Mutiny 1797 T
Old Price Riots 1809 T Note
Burdett Riots (Piccadilly Riots) 1810 - 1810 T
Spa Field Riots 1816 - 1816 T Note
Riots in Derbyshire 1817 T Note
Riot by Lancashire weavers 1826 T Note
Manchester weavers riot 1829 T Note
Swing Riots 1830 - 1830 T
Bristol Riots after rejection of Reform Bill 1831 T Note
First Chartist Petition rejected 1839 T Note
Chartist risings in manufacturing areas of England 1842 T Note
Hyde Park Riots against restrictions on Sunday trading 1855 - 1855 T Note
Hyde Park Riots 1866 T Note
Habeas Corpus Act suspended in Ireland after unrest 1866 T Note

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