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Cornish Rising breaks out 1497 T Note
Henry VII defeats the Cornish rebels under Lord Audley at Blackheath 1497 T Note
Plot for a Yorkist rising in Kent is discovered 1499 T Note
A crisis in the wool trade leads to riots in Kent 1528 T Note
The Duke of Suffolk arrives at Lincoln to suppress the Lincolnshire rising 1536 T Note
Rising spreads to Durham, Cumberland and Westmorland 1536 T Note
The Duke of Norfolk promises a pardon to the Yorkshire rebels 1536 T Note
Henry VIII summons rebel Robert Aske to court 1536 T Note
Robert Aske tries to pacify the rebels of the Pilgrimage of Grace 1537 T Note
Rebel leader Robert Aske is sentenced to death 1537 T Note
Anti-papal iconoclasm in southern England 1538 T Note
The rebels of the Pilgrimage of Grace submit to Henry VIII at York 1541 T Note
Risings in the West Country against the newly enforced Prayer Book 1549 T Note
The Prayer Book rising in the West Country is ended 1549 T Note
Riots in Northamptonshire against enclosure of common land 1607 T Note
Agitation grows in England against harsh ecclesiastical sentences 1631 T Note
Charles I fines the City of London for failing to put down a riot 1632 T Note
Riots in Scotland over proposed union with England 1706 T Note
Chartist risings in manufacturing areas of England 1842 T Note

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