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Anarchist Auguste Vaillant explodes a bomb in Paris Chamber of Deputies 1893 T Note
Anarchist outrages in Paris 1893 T Note
Anti-French riots 1955 T Note
Catholic rising in Languedoc 1583 T Note
Dissolution of French National Guard by Charles X 1827 T Note
French peasants revolt against taxation 1592 T Note
Huguenot rising 1627 T Note
Insurrection in Paris by Republicans 1832 T Note
Louis XIII abolishes the privileges of Guienne in response to revolt 1637 T Note
Mutinies in French army in Champagne 1917 T Note
Mutiny of troops raised by the Duke of Rohan in the Valtelline 1637 T Note
Peasant risings across France 1644 T Note
Revolt of silk-weavers in Lyons 1834 T Note
Riot of silk-weavers in Lyons 1831 T Note
Rioters prevent Louis XVI's journey to St. Cloud 1791 T Note
Riots in Paris signify outbreak of second Fronde 1649 T Note
Rising of Protestants in the Cevennes 1689 T Note
Student-worker strikes and sit-ins paralyse Paris; 800,000 demonstrate 1968 T Note

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