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Mob burns revenue cutter Gaspée 1772 T Note
Whiskey Rebellion 1794 - 1794 T Note
Race riots in Philadelphia 1834 T Note
American colonists in Texas revolt against Mexican rule 1835 T Note
Amistad mutiny 1839 T Note
Creole Affair 1841 T Note
The Dorr Rebellion 1841 T Note
US slave ship Creole is taken over by slaves 1841 T Note
Rioting in Philadelphia 1844 T Note
The New York City Draft Riots 1863 - 1863 T Note
End of civil disturbances in Arkansas 1874 T Note
Knights of Labor riot in Chicago 1886 T Note
The U.S. helped suppress Boxers in Beijing 1900 T Note
Anti-black riot in Atlanta 1906 T Note
Liberal revolt in Cuba 1906 T Note
Anti-black rioting in Springfield, Illinois 1908 T Note
President Oreste of Haiti abdicates during revolt 1914 T Note
Race riots in Chicago 1919 T Note
Race Riots 1940 T Note
Detroit and New York City Riots 1943 T Note

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