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Basing House falls to Parliamentarians after a siege 1645 T Note
English army presents proposals to the King which are rejected 1647 T Note
Mutiny of garrisons in South Wales 1648 T Note
Rebellion against Parliament breaks out in Kent 1648 T Note
Kentish rebellion assisted by a mutiny in the Downs 1648 T Note
Rebellion against Parliament emerges in Essex 1648 T
Independents and radicals purge the Navy and dockyards 1649 T Note
Levellers' mutiny crushed at Burford 1649 T Note
Earl of Glencairn rises against the Commonwealth in Scotland 1653 T Note
Ships at Chatham mutiny 1653 T Note
Royalist Insurrection (Penruddock's Uprising) 1655 - 1655 T Note
Miles Sindercombe and other Levellers unsuccessfully attempt to set fire to Whitehall 1657 T Note
A Royalist conspiracy is discovered in England 1658 T Note
Viscount Mordaunt attempts to organise a general Royalist insurrection 1659 T Note
Booth's Uprising 1659 - 1659 T Note
Titus Oates gives his rendition of the Popish Plot before a magistrate 1678 T Note
Rye House Plot 1683 T
Monmouth’s Rebellion 1685 T
The Glorious Revolution 1688 - 1689 T
Jacobite, Jacobitism 1689 - 1746 T

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