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Welsh revolt 1282 T
Welsh revolt 1294 T
Robert Bruce rebels against England 1306 T Note
Peasants' Revolt 1381 T
Rebellion of Owain Glyndwr 1400 - 1410 T Note
Henry VII denounces Perkin Warbeck to Margaret, Duchess of Burgundy 1493 T Note
Rebels under Perkin Warbeck attempt to take Exeter 1497 T Note
Perkin Warbeck is captured 1497 T Note
Perkin Warbeck arrives in Cornwall 1497 T Note
English Parliament attaints the Yorkist Edmund, Earl of Suffolk 1504 T Note
Edmund Dudley is found guilty of treason 1509 T Note
In 'Evil May Day' riots London apprentices attack foreign residents 1517 T Note
Rebellion of Thomas Wyatt 1554 - 1554 T Note
The Earl of Tyrone surrenders to Queen Elizabeth 1562 T Note
The Earl of Tyrone leads a second rebellion in Ireland 1562 T Note
Civil war between Marians and Lords of the Congregation breaks out 1570 T Note
Northern Rebellion ended by defeat of the rebel army in Cumberland 1570 T Note
The Irish rebellion is effectively crushed 1573 T Note
In the Ruthven Raid, the English Party in Scotland capture James VI 1582 T Note
Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, leads a rising in Ulster 1594 T Note

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