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Fighting at Manchester claims the civil war's first life 1642 T Note
Earl of Essex marches Parliamentary armies towards the Midlands 1642 T Note
Essex returns to London 1642 T Note
Cavaliers take Marlborough 1642 T Note
Roundheads take Winchester 1642 T Note
Cavalier newsheet Mercurius Aulicus published in Oxford 1643 T Note
Earl of Essex lays siege to Reading 1643 T Note
Oliver Cromwell takes Gainsborough 1643 T Note
Earl of Montrose leads Royalist rebellion in Scotland 1644 T Note
Basing House falls to Parliamentarians after a siege 1645 T Note
English army presents proposals to the King which are rejected 1647 T Note
Mutiny of garrisons in South Wales 1648 T Note
Rebellion against Parliament emerges in Essex 1648 T
Earl of Glencairn rises against the Commonwealth in Scotland 1653 T Note
A Royalist conspiracy is discovered in England 1658 T Note
Titus Oates gives his rendition of the Popish Plot before a magistrate 1678 T Note
Jacobite Rebellion (2) 1715 T Note
James III, the 'Pretender', arrives at Peterhead from France 1715 T Note
James III the Pretender returns to France 1716 T Note
Charles Edward advances as far south as Derby 1745 T Note

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