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A ravaging Franco-Turkish fleet provokes a rebellion in Corsica 1553 T Note
A truce in the French War is signed at Marigny 1575 T Note
Beaune, Dijon and Autun revolt against Henry IV 1595 T Note
Cardinal Richelieu suppresses a conspiracy against him 1626 T Note
Cesare Borgia puts down a revolt of the Orsini with French help 1502 T Note
Count of Auvergne and Duke of Bouillon rebel against Henry IV of France 1605 T Note
Duke of Orleans joins French rebels 1652 T Note
Fifth civil war in French Wars of Religion 1574 - 1576 T Note
First civil war in the French Wars of Religion 1562 - 1563 T Note
Fourth civil war in the French Wars of Religion 1572 - 1573 T Note
French Civil War ends with the Peace of St. Menehould 1614 T Note
French royal family leave Paris; the provinces revolt against Mazarin 1649 T Note
Fronde leaders, including Condé, are imprisoned 1650 T Note
Fronde surrenders in Bordeaux 1653 T Note
Ghent refuses to pay a subsidy for Charles V's war with France 1537 T Note
Henry IV occupies Sedan 1606 T Note
Huguenot Assembly decides to rebel against Louis XIII 1621 T Note
Huguenot revolt led by the Comte de Soubise 1625 T Note
Huguenots decide on war 1620 T Note
Last rising of French Huguenots under Rohan 1629 T Note

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