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Peasants' revolt in Kempten is crushed 1492 T Note
Peasants' Revolts in the Black Forest and Wurttemberg 1513 T Note
Martin Luther condemns the religious riots in Saxony 1522 T Note
The Peasants' Revolt in south Germany is suppressed 1525 T Note
Revolution in Lubeck makes Jurgen Wullenwever burgomaster 1533 T Note
Anabaptist leader John of Leiden crushes an attempted coup 1534 T Note
Schmalkaldic League prepares for civil war in Germany 1546 T Note
The Habsburg archdukes rebel against the Emperor Rudolf II 1606 T Note
Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Neuburg both claim Jülich-Cleves 1609 T Note
Frederick V, Elector Palatine, is placed under the ban of the Empire 1621 T Note
Dukes of Mecklenburg placed under the ban of the Empire 1628 T Note

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