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A peasants' revolt in Austria is suppressed with great cruelty 1526 T Note
Don John of Austria subdues the Morisco rebellion in Granada 1569 T Note
Don John of Austria tries to end civil war in Netherlands 1577 T Note
Rising of peasants in Upper Austria 1595 T Note
Count Thurn leads an army of Bohemian patriots towards Vienna 1619 T Note
Hungarian magnates conspire against Habsburgs 1670 T Note
Hungarians revolt against Emperor 1703 T Note
Genoese revolt against Maria Theresa's forces 1746 T Note
Van der Noot starts Revolution 1789 T Note
Austrian troops enter Italian Peninsula to put down revolts 1831 T Note
Revolts in Galicia; Cracow is annexed 1846 - 1846 T Note
Hungarian Revolution of 1848 breaks out 1848 T Note
Revolution in Vienna begins with university demonstrations 1848 - 1848 T Note
Five-day revolution in Milan against Austrian rule 1848 - 1848 T Note
Austrians suppress revolt in Cracow 1848 T Note
Second rising in Vienna against new Austrian Constitution 1848 T Note
Austrian troops suppress Czech revolt in Prague 1848 T Note
Third revolution in Vienna 1848 T Note
Austria grants amnesty for Hungarian insurgents 1856 T Note
Boxers rising in China against Europeans 1900 - 1901 T Note

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