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Revolution in Portugal is attempted but plotters soon arrested 1758 T Note
Boston Tea Party 1773 T Note
Pugachoff leads Cossack revolt in South-East Russia 1773 T Note
American Revolutionary War 1775 - 1783 T Note
Declaration of Independence of the United States. War of Independence 1776-1783 begins 1776 T Note
French Revolution 1789 T
French Revolution: Storming of the Bastille 1789 T Note
Van der Noot starts Revolution 1789 T Note
Revolution Society congratulates National Assembly 1789 T Note
Mob invade Tuileries 1792 T Note
French Convention assists revolutionaries 1792 T Note
La Vendée: revolt against French revolution 1793 T Note
The Kosciuszko Uprising 1794 T Note
Popular insurrection in Paris 1795 - 1795 T Note
Coup of 18 Fructidor, year V, in Paris 1797 T Note
Naval mutiny at Spithead 1797 T Note
Irish Rebellion of 1798 1798 - 1798 T
Irish Rebellion; Rising of the United Irishmen 1798 - 1798 T Note
Lord Lake defeats Irish rebels 1798 T Note
Revolutionary societies forbidden 1799 T Note

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