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An English force is defeated at St. Etienne 1546 T Note
Battle of Pinkie: English defeat the Scots 1547 T Note
Robert Kett's Norfolk rebels defeated at the Battle of Dussindale 1549 T Note
The French are defeated by an Anglo-Spanish force at St. Quentin 1557 T Note
Rebellion of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly, in Scotland is crushed 1562 T Note
Shane O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone defeats the MacDonnells at Ballycastle 1565 T Note
Lords of the Covenant rout Bothwell at the Battle of Carberry Hill 1567 T Note
Northern Rebellion ended by defeat of the rebel army in Cumberland 1570 T Note
Spanish Armada 1588 - 8 T
Battle of Gravelines ends Spanish Armada's hopes of success 1588 T Note
Spaniards defeat English force at Cranori 1592 T Note
Battle of Yellow Ford: Hugh O'Neill defeats the English 1598 T Note
Battle of Nieuport 1600 T Note
Sir Henry Leveson attacks Spanish ships at Castlehaven 1601 T Note
English troops land on the Ile de Ré 1627 T Note
English cavalry retreat from Kelso 1639 T Note
Scots defeat the English 1639 T Note
Battle of Newburn 1640 T Note
Battle of Edgehill 1642 T Note
Charles I fails to take control of the arsenal at Kingston upon Hull 1642 T Note

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