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Battle of Fraustadt 1706 T Note
The French defeat Imperial troops at Villaviciosa 1710 T Note
The Swedes defeat the Danes at Gadebusch 1712 T Note
The Swedes capitulate at Oldensworth 1713 T Note
Battle of Klausen 1735 T Note
Turks defeat Emperor's troops at Crocyka 1739 T Note
Battle of Mollwitz; Silesia conquered by Frederick II of Prussia 1741 T Note
Frederick II defeats the Austrians at Chotusitz 1742 T Note
George II defeats French at Dettingen 1743 - 1743 T Note
Frederick of Prussia defeats Maria Theresa at Hohenfriedberg 1745 T Note
Prussian army defeats Saxons at Kesselsdorf 1745 T Note
Saxon army capitulates to Prussia at Pirna 1756 T Note
Emperor's forces defeat Frederick II at Kollin 1757 T Note
French defeat British at Hastenbeck 1757 T Note
Russian victory over Prussians at Gross Jägersdorf 1757 T Note
Frederick II defeats French and Imperial troops at Rossbach 1757 T Note
Prince Charles of Lorraine defeats small Prussian force at Breslau 1757 T Note
Frederick II defeats Imperial troops at Leuthen 1757 T Note
Battle of Krefeld 1758 T Note
Undecided battle of Zorndorf between Prussians and Russians 1758 T Note

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