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Dutch capture New York 1673 T Note
French and Indian forces attack Deerfield 1704 T Note
Battle for Nova Scotia 1709 T Note
George Washington arrives in Ohio country to counter the French 1753 T Note
Battle of Jumonville 1754 T Note
Battle of Great Meadows 1754 T Note
British besiege Fort Beausejour 1755 - 1755 T Note
Fort Gaspereau surrenders to the British 1755 T Note
Battle of the Monongahela 1755 T Note
Deportation of Acadians who refuse allegiance 1755 T Note
French attack British troops 1755 T Note
Battle of Lake George 1755 T Note
French attack British forts at Oswego 1756 - 1756 T Note
French and Indians besiege Fort William Henry 1757 - 1757 T Note
Siege of Louisbourg 1758 - 1758 T Note
French defeat the British at Fort Carillon 1758 T Note
Fort Amherst built at Prince Edward Island; 3500 Acadians deported to France 1758 T Note
Fort Frontenac taken by the British 1758 T Note
French defeat British at Grant's Hill 1758 T Note
British take Fort Duquesne 1758 T Note

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