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French capture Fort William 1762 T Note
Fort William recaptured by the British 1762 - 1762 T Note
Battles of Lexington and Concord lead to the siege of Boston 1775 - 1776 T Note
Battle of Bunker Hill 1775 T Note
Battle of Long Island 1776 T Note
Benedict Arnold defeated at Lake Champlain 1776 - 1776 T Note
Fort Lee surrenders to British 1776 T Note
Cornwallis defeated at Princeton 1777 T Note
Battle of Ticonderoga 1777 T Note
British defeated at Bennington 1777 T Note
Howe defeats Greene and Americans at Brandywine 1777 T Note
Britain suffers heavy casualties at Bemis Heights, New York 1777 T Note
Washington defeated at Germantown 1777 T Note
Washington defeats British at Monmouth 1778 T Note
John Paul Jones sea battle 1779 T Note
Charleston falls to British 1780 T Note
Cornwallis defeats Americans at Camden 1780 T Note
British defeated at King's Mountain 1780 T Note
Battle of Yorktown 1781 - 1781 T Note
Morgan defeats Tarleton's forces at battle of Cowpens 1781 T Note

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