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Battle of Storkyro leads to Russian domination of Finland 1714 T Note
Turkish army defeats Maria Theresa's pro-Russian forces 1737 T Note
Russian victory over Prussians at Gross Jägersdorf 1757 T Note
Undecided battle of Zorndorf between Prussians and Russians 1758 T Note
Russians under Saltikov defeat Prussians at Kay 1759 T Note
Montreal surrenders to the British 1760 T Note
Russia defeats Turkish navy at Tchesme 1770 - 1770 T Note
Battle of Cassano 1799 T Note
Battle of The Trebbia 1799 - 1799 T Note
French defeated at Novi 1799 T Note
Russians defeated by Masséna at Zurich 1799 - 1799 T Note
Battle of Austerlitz, Moravia 1805 T Note
Battle of Eylau 1807 T Note
Battle of Freidland 1807 T Note
Battle of Borodino 1812 T Note
Russia defeated at Smolensk 1812 - 1812 T Note
Battle of Leipzig 1813 - 1813 T Note
Battle of Dresden 1813 - 1813 T Note
Paris surrounded: Allies enter the city triumphantly 1814 T Note
Battle of Navarino 1827 T Note

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