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Spanish invaders are defeated at Glen Shiel 1719 T Note
Russians take Baku and Derbent from Persia 1722 T Note
The Spanish army conquers Naples 1734 T Note
Russians take Ochakov from the Turks 1737 T Note
Nadir Shah of Persia sacks Delhi and conquers the Punjab 1739 T Note
Battle of Mollwitz; Silesia conquered by Frederick II of Prussia 1741 T Note
French troops cross Rhine to invade south Germany, Austria and Bohemia 1741 T Note
Prussia acquires East Friesland 1744 T Note
Austrian troops invade Alsace 1744 T Note
The French conquer Madras 1746 T Note
French force invading Piedmont is defeated at the battle of Exilles 1747 T Note
China invades Tibet 1751 T Note
British conquest of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa 1756 - 1764 T Note
Frederick II invades Saxony - start of Seven Years' War 1756 T Note
Battle of Prague: Frederick II invades Bohemia 1757 T Note
British conquer French Senegal 1758 T Note
China occupies East Turkestan 1758 T Note
Russians take Kolberg and gain a strategic harbour 1761 T Note
Spanish invasion of Portugal 1762 T Note
Russia encouraged to restore conquests 1771 T Note

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