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'British' Bechuanaland is annexed to Cape Colony 1895 T Note
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records the first Viking raids on England 789 T
A French force lands on the Isle of Wight 1545 T Note
A great Danish Viking army invades East Anglia 865 T Note
Arab merchants settle on the East African coast 900 T Note
Battle of Hastings; the Norman Conquest 1066 - 1087 T
Beginnings of the English reconquest of the Danelaw 914 - 919 T Note
Boer guerrillas raid British outposts 1900 T Note
Bohemia becomes independent from Moravia 895 T Note
Bonaparte advises the Directory against an invasion of England 1798 T Note
Britain annexes Cyprus 1914 T Note
Britain annexes Pondoland 1894 T Note
Britain annexes St. Lucia Bay to Natal 1884 T Note
Britain annexes Togoland to block Transvaal's access to sea 1895 T Note
Britain annexes Walvis Bay on south-west African coast 1877 T Note
Britain annexes Zululand 1887 T Note
Britain captures colonies but abandons Corsica 1796 T Note
Britain decides on re-conquest of Sudan 1896 T Note
Britain formally annexes Transvaal 1900 T Note
Britain invades Afghanistan 1879 T Note

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