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Catholic troops capture Le Havre from the English 1563 - 1563 T Note
Spanish plan an invasion of England 1571 T Note
Don John of Austria seizes Namur 1577 T Note
The Throgmorton Plot, for a Spanish invasion of England, is discovered 1583 T Note
Pope Sixtus V proclaims a Catholic Crusade to invade England 1587 T Note
Cardinal William Allen's manifesto justifying a Spanish invasion 1587 T Note
The Spanish Armada is sighted off the Cornish coast 1588 - 1588 T Note
The English army is summoned to Tilbury to repel invasion 1588 T Note
The Spanish land in Cornwall 1595 T Note
Spanish invasion scare in England 1613 T Note
Scottish troops occupy Kelso near the English border 1639 T Note
Second Bishops' War begins 1640 T Note
Scots seize English territory 1640 T Note
Charles I leaves London to face a threatened Scottish invasion 1640 T Note
Scots invade England 1644 T Note
Scots invade England precipitating the Second Civil War 1648 T Note
Engager Army led by Lord Hamilton crosses the English border 1648 T Note
Oliver Cromwell conquers Ireland 1649 - 1650 T Note
Oliver Cromwell conquers Scotland 1650 - 1652 T Note
Council of State decides to invade Scotland 1650 T Note

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