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A French army begins the conquest of Artois from the Spanish 1637 T Note
A French army enters the Palatinate 1634 T Note
A French army tries to rescue the Pope 1527 T Note
A French force lands on the Isle of Wight 1545 T Note
A Spanish army from Catalonia invades Languedoc 1637 T Note
A Spanish force crosses the Pyrenees to threaten Bayonne 1523 T Note
Battle of Marciano 1554 T Note
Cardinal William Allen's manifesto justifying a Spanish invasion 1587 T Note
Catholic troops capture Le Havre from the English 1563 - 1563 T Note
Cesare Borgia seizes Rimini and Pesaro 1500 T Note
Charles V invades Champagne 1544 T Note
Charles VIII enters Lucca 1494 T Note
Charles VIII enters Naples 1495 T Note
Charles VIII enters Turin 1494 T Note
Charles VIII leaves Rome having apparently forced the Pope into submission 1495 T Note
Charles VIII of France invades Italy to claim throne of Naples 1494 T Note
Conquest of Naples continues 1501 T Note
France annexes Genoa 1507 T Note
France invaded by Imperial forces 1521 T Note
France invades Italy 1515 T Note

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