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Navarre is annexed to the Crown of France 1591 T Note
Perigord and Bearn are annexed to the French Crown 1592 T Note
The Duke of Savoy invades Lombardy 1615 T Note
The French occupy Lorraine 1633 T Note
A French army enters the Palatinate 1634 T Note
Spain invades north-east France from the Spanish Netherlands 1636 T Note
Prince of Condé invades Franche-Comté and besieges Dole 1636 T Note
Prince Octavio Piccolomini invades France with a Spanish army 1636 T Note
A Spanish army from Catalonia invades Languedoc 1637 T Note
A French army begins the conquest of Artois from the Spanish 1637 T Note
The Prince of Condé invades Spain 1638 T Note
The French army occupies Alsace 1639 T Note
French occupy Rousillon 1642 T Note
Spanish army forces the French invaders to retreat 1643 T Note
French and Swedish army invades Bavaria 1646 T Note
French take Venaissin and Avignon 1663 T Note
St Kitts captured by the French 1666 T Note
French capture Antigua 1666 T Note
War of Devolution in the Spanish Netherlands 1667 T Note
The French take Chandarnaga, north of Calcutta 1673 T Note

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