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The Duke of Savoy again invades Dauphiné 1692 T Note
Noailles invades Spain 1694 T Note
The French prepare for an invasion of England 1696 T Note
The French gain Mauritius from the Dutch 1710 T Note
French troops cross Rhine to invade south Germany, Austria and Bohemia 1741 T Note
Austrian troops invade Alsace 1744 T Note
The French conquer Madras 1746 T Note
French force invading Piedmont is defeated at the battle of Exilles 1747 T Note
British conquer French Senegal 1758 T Note
Britain takes St. Lucia from French 1778 T Note
Prussians take Longwy and Verdun 1792 T Note
Allies recapture Mayence 1793 T Note
Bonaparte takes Toulon 1793 T Note
French troops invade Holland 1794 T Note
French troops overrun Holland 1795 T Note
Abortive French attempt to invade Ireland 1796 T Note
Prussia yields lands on left bank of Rhine 1796 T Note
Jourdan invades Germany 1796 T Note
Britain captures colonies but abandons Corsica 1796 T Note
France occupies Ionian Islands 1797 T Note

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