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A French army enters the Palatinate 1634 T Note
A Swedish army takes Regensburg from Maximilian of Bavaria 1633 T Note
Allies recapture Mayence 1793 T Note
Alsace-Lorraine is declared part of the German Reich 1879 T Note
Austro-German forces take Lemberg (Lviv) 1915 T Note
Austro-German troops occupy Belgrade 1915 T Note
Battle of Erzurum 1916 - 1916 T Note
Battle of Marciano 1554 T Note
Battle of Mollwitz; Silesia conquered by Frederick II of Prussia 1741 T Note
Battle of Prague: Frederick II invades Bohemia 1757 T Note
Breisach Parlement adjudges French sovereignty in Alsace 1680 T Note
British take Gaza 1917 T Note
British take Maubeuge 1918 T Note
British troops take Dar-es-Salaam 1916 T Note
Central powers invade Serbia 1915 T Note
Charles V gains Milan 1526 T Note
Count Tilly invades Lower Saxony 1625 T Note
Count Tilly invades Saxony with 20 000 Imperialist troops 1631 T Note
Danish forces defeated at Dybbol; German troops invade Denmark 1864 T Note
France declares war on the League of Augsburg and invades the Palatinate 1688 T Note

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