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Battle of Mollwitz; Silesia conquered by Frederick II of Prussia 1741 T Note
Frederick II invades Saxony - start of Seven Years' War 1756 T Note
Germans take Novo-Georgievsk 1915 T Note
Ivan IV of Russia gains Polotski from Poland 1563 T Note
Prussia acquires East Friesland 1744 T Note
Prussia acquires Neuchatel, Tecklenburg and Valengrin 1707 T Note
Prussia annexes Hanover, Hesse, Nassau and Frankfurt 1866 T Note
Prussia confiscates territory of King of Hanover 1868 T Note
Revolts in Galicia; Cracow is annexed 1846 - 1846 T Note
Russians invade Livonia in a war of succession 1557 T Note
Russians take Kolberg and gain a strategic harbour 1761 T Note
Stephen Bathory of Poland invades Russia 1581 T Note
The Great Elector invades Prussia to resist a Swedish advance 1655 T Note
Wallenstein invades Silesia 1633 T Note
Warsaw Pact countries invade Czechoslovakia to stamp out the "Prague Spring" 1968 T Note

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