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Ottoman invasion of Greece 1822 T Note
Turkish fleet captures island of Chios and massacres Christian inhabitants 1822 T Note
Turkish army invades Syria 1839 T Note
Russians invade Danubian Principalities at Turkey's request 1848 T Note
Ottomans declare war on Russia when they invade Moldova and Wallachia 1853 T Note
Britain occupies Cyprus 1878 T Note
Turkey allows Montenegro to occupy Dulcigno 1880 T Note
Russia plans to seize Constantinople 1895 T Note
Turkey recognises Austria's annexation of Bosnia 1909 T Note
Battle of Erzurum 1916 - 1916 T Note
Russians take Bitlis 1916 T Note
Russians take Trebizond 1916 T Note
British take Gaza 1917 T Note
Turks surrender 1918 T Note
British and Arab forces occupy Damascus 1918 T Note

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