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Alexander I announces annexation of Georgia 1801 T Note
Austro-German forces take Lemberg (Lviv) 1915 T Note
Battle of Erzurum 1916 - 1916 T Note
Bolsheviks take Novorossiisk on Black Sea 1920 T Note
Britain occupies Cyprus 1878 T Note
Britain takes Seychelles, Martinique, St. Lucia and Guadaloupe 1794 T Note
Capital of Uzbekistan captured by Russia 1873 T Note
China occupies East Turkestan 1758 T Note
Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia invaded by the Soviet Union 1940 T Note
Germans occupy Helsingfors 1918 T Note
Germans take Novo-Georgievsk 1915 T Note
Germany invades Soviet Russia 1941 T Note
Japanese occupy Dalny (Dairen), Russia 1904 T Note
Montenegro King Nicholas yields Scutari to powers 1913 T Note
Moscow show trials begin 1936 T Note
Napoleon marches into Russia 1812 T Note
Ottomans declare war on Russia when they invade Moldova and Wallachia 1853 T Note
Red Army takes Omsk 1919 T Note
Russia encouraged to restore conquests 1771 T Note
Russia obtains territory at mouth of River Amur 1852 T Note

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