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Disraeli, Benjamin 1804 - 1881 P
Count Taaffe forms Austrian ministry 1879 T Note
Disraeli leaves the Commons on being created Earl of Beaconsfield 1876 T Note
First ministry of Adolphe Thiers in France 1836 T Note
François Guizot becomes French premier at a time of unrest 1847 T Note
Gladstone resigns as British Prime Minister 1885 T Note
Gladstone resigns following defeat of Irish University bill, but soon returns 1873 T Note
John Abbot becomes premier of Canada 1891 T Note
Jules Dufaure forms ministry in France 1877 T Note
Kasimir Badeni forms ministry in Austro-Hungary 1895 T Note
Leftist leader Kalman Tisza forms ministry in Hungary 1875 T Note
Leon Gambetta falls; Charles Freycinet forms ministry in France 1882 T Note
Lord Salisbury resigns as British Prime Minister 1886 T Note
MacDonald becomes Prime Minister of Canada 1878 T Note
Marco Minghetti forms ministry in Italy 1873 T Note
Marco Minghetti resigns in Italy 1874 T Note
Nubar Pasha forms ministry in Egypt 1878 T Note
Olivier Ollivier becomes French premier 1870 T Note
Pierre Tirard forms ministry in France 1889 T Note
Rene Goblet forms ministry in France 1886 T Note

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