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Wilberforce, William 1759 - 1833 P
Lord Bolingbroke returns from exile 1723 T Note
John, Lord Carteret, a rival to Robert Walpole, is dismissed 1724 T Note
Anti-British Chauvelin becomes French Foreign Secretary 1727 T Note
Robert Walpole quarrels with Charles Townshend 1730 T Note
Lord Bolingbroke gives up his struggle against Walpole 1734 T Note
Walpole dies 1745 T Note
William Pitt becomes Paymaster-General for the forces 1746 T Note
Lord Bolingbroke dies 1751 T Note
Henry Pelham dies 1754 T Note
Pitt is dismissed as Paymaster-General 1755 T Note
Fall of Newcastle ministry 1756 T Note
Pitt becomes Secretary of State, Southern Department 1756 T Note
Pitt resigns over a deadlock with Cumberland 1757 T Note
Pitt's influence increases 1757 T Note
The Earl of Bute is appointed Secretary of State, Northern Department 1761 T Note
Pitt resigns as Secretary of State because of opposition from the King 1761 T Note
Robert Peel enters Lord Liverpool's Cabinet as home secretary 1822 T Note
Lord Castlereagh commits suicide 1822 T Note
George Canning succeeds Castlereagh as Foreign Secretary 1822 T Note

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