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Cromwell, Oliver 1599 - 1658 P
Duke of Suffolk is appointed Lord President of the Council 1530 T Note
Sir Thomas More resigns as Lord Chancellor 1532 T Note
Sir Thomas Audley is appointed Lord Keeper of the Great Seal 1532 T Note
William, Lord Dacre, is acquitted of treason 1534 T Note
Thomas Cromwell is created Earl of Essex 1540 T Note
John Lord Russell is appointed Lord Privy Seal 1542 T Note
Sir William Paget becomes Principal Secretary of State 1543 T Note
John Dudley is created Duke of Northumberland 1551 T Note
Stephen Gardiner is appointed Lord Chancellor 1553 T Note
Chancellor and Bishop Stephen Gardiner dies 1555 T Note
Sir Christopher Hatton is appointed Lord Chancellor 1587 T Note
Earl of Salisbury veers towards an anti-Spanish policy 1610 T Note
James I becomes his own Principal Secretary 1612 T Note
Francis Bacon becomes Attorney General 1613 T Note
Sir Ralph Winwood appointed Secretary of State 1614 T Note
Thomas Howard, Earl of Suffolk, is appointed Lord Treasurer 1614 T Note
Sir Thomas Lake becomes Secretary of State 1616 T Note
James I sacks Sir Edward Coke, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas 1616 T Note
Francis Bacon is appointed Lord Keeper 1617 T Note

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